SchoolBuzz - Asia’s Leading Direct Course Application Platform


SchoolBuzz is Asia’s leading direct course application platform, the very first of its kind available. They work hand in hand with various partner schools to simplify the application process so that you can focus on selecting the school and course that is most suitable for you.

The platform partners with more than 40 schools in Singapore, offering more than 1000 courses of all levels and across a wide range of subjects on their portal. All the schools on the platform are accredited by the Council of Private Education (CPE), which is the governing body for private education in Singapore.

You can gather school and course information at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection. Apply directly to the course of your choice through their simple application process. Your application will be evaluated directly by the school and you can conveniently keep track of your application progress anytime on their platform.


Why SchoolBuzz?

As mentioned above, the platform has a comprehensive and extensive offering of courses of all levels and subjects. Simply select the level and subject you are interested in and the integrated search function will let you know which schools offer the courses you are looking for.


SchoolBuzz also partners with a diverse range of schools and education providers in Singapore, all approved CPE. They take priority in ensuring that all their schools are recognized and accredited so that you can submit your application with a peace of mind.


The main highlight of SchoolBuzz would be the ease of direct application. You can apply directly to the course you are interested in through the platform, in just a few steps. If you are accepted, the school will then collect the course fees directly from you. It also is 100% free to use SchoolBuzz – there is no need to worry about hidden fees!


Application Process

SchoolBuzz streamlines the whole application process to multiple schools, making the experience more efficient and stress-free for students. With all the necessary information you need on the platform to make an informed decision, you can move on to the actual application process smoothly with these 3 quick steps:


  1. Eligibility Check

After you select a course to apply, SchoolBuzz will work with the school to determine your eligibility to enroll in the course. This removes the hassle of completing an entire application only to run into problems with eligibility. If you are eligible, SchoolBuzz will inform you and you can proceed with the application. Don’t worry, even if you are not eligible, the platform goes the extra mile to advise you on other suitable options.


  1. Application Form

The process of application on SchoolBuzz is quick, straightforward and user-friendly. Simply fill up the application form and upload the necessary supporting documents online. There is no need to bother with snail mail or physical documents at this stage, speeding up the process considerably. The platform will then work together with the school to process your information. SchoolBuzz is fully aligned with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act so rest assured that your information is confidential and will only be shared with the school you applied for.


  1. Application Outcome

Once your application has been evaluated by the school, they will inform you of the outcome directly. If you are accepted by the school for the course you applied for, you will receive an Offer of Admission Letter. At this point, it will be up to your own discretion whether to accept the offer.


Value of Information

SchoolBuzz provides a very comprehensive guide for any student thinking of furthering their studies in Singapore. It provides key information regarding all universities in Singapore and also collates essential advice regarding the vibrant student life in this metropolitan city.

Student life in Singapore reaches beyond just academia because Singapore has a diverse, rich heritage and is a truly international hub. This provides a holistic and enriching education for any student here. Thus, SchoolBuzz serves as a guide to student life in Singapore, which is a wonderful supplement for international students; students can explore this bustling city to find out the best cafes are or even when to join in the festivities during our cultural holidays. After all, education should not just be restricted to within the classroom, but rather through living and experiencing.

Could 2017 be the year for you to embark on an exciting new academic journey? Take flight on your academic pursuits with SchoolBuzz today!

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